KARWOWSKI JOINERY WORKSHOP is dedicated to production of the highest quality timber external doors, insulated using sandwich panel technology and internal doors. The experience gained during 25 years of construction of doors and implementation of the most modern numerically controlled equipment results in the highest precision and quality of our products. In order to meet the expectations of the market as well as worldwide ecological trends regarding thermal insulation, we have extended our offer to include passive doors with the lowest heat transfer coefficient on the Polish market. We offer three kinds of door thickness: "60mm", "70mm", "90mm", made out of pine, oak and shorea. Certificate / CE EN 14351-1:2006


Karwowski Joinery workshop manufactures internal doors with the thickness of 42mm - made out of pine, shorea and oak. Sandwich-glued doors with natural, 2.0 mm thick veneer guarantee stability of construction and aesthetic qualities, providing the users with full satisfaction. We offer three styles of doors:Modern, Classic, Stylish. Our company manufactures folding and sliding doors. The doors are painted with acrylic (water) paints produced by SIKKENS. Technical approval / ITB AT-15-6912/2012


Timber windows made out of pine, shorea and oak in the Softline system (68mm, 78mm, 92mm) possess a modern and aesthetic look, they are most often selected by people who value naturalness and impeccable aesthetics. Wood is regarded as a noble material, which has been used for many centuries thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and easiness of processing. Modern timber windows provide their users with comfort, functionality and elegant look.Wood is a renewable material, completely safe for the natural environment. Timber windows by the KARWOWSKI Joinery workshop guarantee the highest quality on the market, because we use only the best sort of wood for their production, without blue stain and knots. The elements of glued construction provide high durability in changing weather conditions. Certificate CE PN-EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010.
Certyfikat CE PN-EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010.

Timber modular garage gates

We make gate module panels with three kinds of thickness - 40mm, 50mm, 60mm. The construction of modular gate panel is a pine grate filled with koltherm foam with the thickness of 24mm, 34mm, 44mm depending on the thickness of the panel. The outer planking of the panel is made out of waterproof pine plywood. Two gaskets are placed between panels to provide thermal insulation.

Timber stairs

Stairs on concrete - one of the most popular and most widely used stairs. Their main advantage is comfortable usage -they are quiet, sturdy , safe and elegant. However, they require very precise measurements of the concrete construction.
Self-supporting stairs - the stairs construction guarantees not only excellent look, but most of all safety. This is a reliable solution with stable construction, where the steps are made out of timber and placed in load-bearing backens. Additional advantage of stringer stairs is a small amount of space they occupy.

Glazing beads

When planning on purchasing doors, we most often think about their way of opening as well as colours and materials of which they will be made. What is important is their decorative effect and functionality. We tend to forget that doors are not only a leaf with a subframe, but also glazing bead. Glazing bead should most of all fit to the wall and be suitable for technical conditions in which it will be mounted.


We also possess additional elements of door and window fittings,among other things: Handles, Blinds, Night-day blinds, Verticals

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